On Grid


GRID TIE system is a power generating facility built on any building or property which is connected directly with the electric grid. Power from the Solar PV array is fed into the power grid and the utility meter records the power fed to grid as a credit.

Provision of back-up power can also be added to GRID TIE system by adding Batteries and Charge controller. But that requires additional cost, higher maintenance and extra battery storage space and is not popular in countries where power outage is rare.



The main Components for a GRID TIE System are-

1)Solar PV modules


3)Energy Meter.

The following illustration shows how a typical Solar PV system is configured to send power to the grid:-

When the Sun Shines, the Solar PV array silently generates DC electricity. The Inverter in the system converts that DC electricity into AC electricity. The AC electricity is finally fed into the Grid via Energy Meter. This happens throughout the life of the system whenever there is Sun.

Advantages of GRID TIE system:

As a  Home/Commercial Building/Land owner you consider installing a GRID TIE Solar PV system because:

  • The system increases your property value as a source of earning over longer period.
  • You are a part of Green House Gas reduction movement by producing green energy.

What we can do for you

Starting from Site Analysis and System Design up to Generation of Electricity we provide a complete package. Our qualified team can provide total customized solution to individual client. Depending on specific needs we provide several options to best fit our customers. All our components are from top of the line manufacturers, North American Standards compliant and manufacturer warranted.

We can help you in becoming an Electricity Generator by installing proper Solar Power System on your home, business or vacant land with a competitive pricing.

GRID TIE System with Battery Backup

This system generates backup power for essential appliances, electronics, and equipments automatically when power goes out. Mainly used in utility powered homes with frequent and prolonged power outage.