Solar Fencing

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GreenAge energy solutions is a leading solar fence supplier  in india with excellent technology and products , which are approved by ISO 9001 , dedicating to provide best quality products , professional security solution and customized services  , products ranging from perimeter security fencing system to agriculture farm fencing system , we aimed to be a top  international security enterprises , and provide professional service to all over the world.

GreenAge solar fencing solution :

  • Animals and plants reserve
  • Government solution
  • Military base solution
  • Power station solution
  • Airport solution
  • warehouse solution
  • Prison solution
  • School solution
  • vally solution
  • Community solution

Special Features of Solar Powered Fence

  • Highly reliable.
  • Safe with effective deterrence & detection capabilities
  • Easy to operate
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Cost effective
  • Has an integration capability with access control
  • Centralized alarm system


  • Protection against all animals
  • Economical way of protection of farms
  • Security cover for residential area
  • Security cover to industrial area
  • Anywhere security stands first!


  • Protection of crop/property
  • No electric connection required, no electric bill
  • Automatic operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable yet safe operation

Farm fence Accessories

Farm fence energizer

Security fence Accessories


12 V DC, 110-240 AC,50-60HZ


2.0 W

3.5 W

5.0 W

Input current

95 mA

180 mA


Output voltage

<=11.0 KV

<= 12.0 KV

<=13.0 KV

Stored energy

1.4 J

2.7 J

4.8 J

Max output energy




Max length

10 Km