Skylight Images


1. Designed, engineered, fabricated and installed this unique bifacial building integrated photovoltaic skylight system. This elegant design was created to allow natural light penetration while structurally reinforcing a sagging roof structure. This skylight beautifies the main entrance of this Civic Center replacing a dull, dingy opaque, dated skylight while generating a portion of the electricity for the building. The two sided photovoltaic cells were used to maximize performance by taking advantage of the transparent quality of the glass and capturing light rays throughout the day. The installation team removed the old skylight, flew in the new skylight and instantly transformed an aged environment into a modern marvel. This highly engineered solution is a practical and visually striking.

2. A 14-inch photovoltaic strip also was installed on the exterior along the bottom of the skylight to power the glass, while remaining invisible to the people inside. this PV strip captures and converts solar energy that allows the SageGlass lites to provide a constant intermediate state of tinting, allowing a range of 3.5% to 62% visible light into the building. Acurlite Structural Skylights, Inc. was responsible for the removal, fabrication and installation.

"Every May up until now, the building owner would cover one of the best features of the space, blocking the unwanted solar heat and glare so the tenants wouldn't roast and could see their computer screens. This helped save a little on the air conditioning bills, but they lost all the natural light and views.