Off Grid System

OFF GRID refers to a power system that generates electricity such as power from a Solar PV array. The electricity produced is stored in Batteries for later use and the energy system isn't connected to the utility Power Grid.


INDIA is a land of abundant sunlight and a large rural population, PV is very attractive option because of its modular features, its ability to generate electricity at the actual point of use, its low maintenance requirements and its non-polluting technologies. PV is also important to rural health clinics in developing countries. These clinics require electricity for lighting, vaccine refrigeration and water pumping and purification. PV has proven to be a reliable system for these isolated clinics. Even If you live in urban areas where grid is serving only a part of your requirement or facing power disruption and power outage then it is a good option to install OFF GRID solar power system to fulfill your power requirement when needed.


OFF-GRID System Components

A basic OFF-GRID system consists of 4 main components.

  • A Solar PV Module - which generates DC power.
  • A Solar Charge Controller - The three main functions of a charge controller are to prevent the battery from being overcharged, eliminate any reverse current flow from the batteries back to the solar modules at night and LVD protection for extended Battery life.
  • A Battery bank - stores the energy produced by the solar array during the day for use at anytime of day or night.
  • An Inverter -seamlessly converts DC power stored in the battery bank to clean and reliable AC electricity to run your AC appliances. If your appliances and lightings are designed to run with DC power then no inverter is necessary.

What We Do

We provide highly efficient Off grid Solar Power systems for Rural as well as Urban areas. We supply complete packages to any corner of the World. . We are specialized in Solar and Wind Street lighting system and Parking lights systems. We provide complete kit for solar irrigation for all capacity in any region of the World.

At present the national grid is serving only the half of energy requirements in rural house holds and businesses in the country which are excellent candidates for solar photovoltaic installation. Any reduction in  consumption of fossil would help reducing Green House Gas Emission as well as making the country that much more secure in terms of energy supply. The above is true for all developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Oceania which have chronic problem of power shortage.

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Our Solar Home Systems

Solar modules:
Solar module, the most indispensable and valuable part of the solar power system, plays a role to convert the sunlight into electricity energy, which will be stored into battery and promote the working for loads.

Solar controller
The role of the solar controller is to control the working statement of the system and provide over-changing and over-discharging protection for the storage battery.

Usually battery is lead-acid type, its function is to story up the electricity generated from solar module and release it when in need.

The outputs of solar module are generally DC17.5V.DC35.5V, when supplying power for 220VAC or 110VAC loads, DC-AC inverter is need to concert DC solar power to AC power.

A solar power system consists of solar modules, solar controller and battery. if the output is 220VAC or 110VAC,the inverter should be added into the configuration. The solar power system, widely used in a variety of electricity lighting, is especially suitable to remote village, school, hospital, private residential, island, army, and outside working.


  • Our systems are comprised of high quality long lasting components from Asia, Europe and North America.
  • We provide components from reputed manufacturers in different packages with variable options.
  • Our systems are easy to install and can be done by local electricians with the help of our guidelines.
  • We provide latest technology in generation, storage and conservation.
  • Our LED lights are many times efficient than traditional lights and reduce the overall system cost and ensures very long life.
  • The quality of our systems is most suitable for International Agencies finances.
  • We have packages for Rural and urban homes, Schools, Shops, Small business, Shops, Tourist resorts, workshops, factories, Churches, Temples, Mosques, Island resorts, remote areas, mobile Phone stations, Telecom installations, security lights, etc.
  • We can provide tailor made systems according to customer requirements.