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Roof Top

The most common place for the installation of a solar collection system is also the most obvious: on the roof. For homes and buildings with high roofs not normally seen from below, the options are wide open. But for structures where the visibility of the roof is a major concern, (especially in neighborhoods) care must be taken when selecting the right PV materials and equipment.

For flat rooftops, angled solar panel arrays can be arranged to face directly into the sun. An advantage of stand-mounted PV equipment is the ability to turn these arrays toward the sun as the seasons change.

In the case of an angled rooftop, PV systems can be a little more challenging. Still, products exist today that allow photovoltaic cells to be installed directly onto the surface of roofing shingles. Many solar roof panels are also constructed to look like conventional roofing materials, or even colored to resemble expensive ceramic or clay shingles.

GreenAge Roof Top solution -

1)      1 KW – 10 KW

2)      10 KW – 20 KW

3)      20 – 50 KW