Corporate Values

Since the founding of Textron Solar, we have adhered firmly to the corporate culture of our parent corporation, which centers on "Dare to change, and pursue sustainability" and the values of "Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Innovation, Teamwork, Agility." We have also emphasized the continuous enhancement of R&D and manufacturing technology to provide our customers with solar cells of the highest efficiency and superior quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Fully understand and fulfill customer needs. We back on our employees’ qualifications and motivation for CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


Do things right the first time.


Anticipate trends and develop competitive products.


Maintain effective communication, delegation and collaboration.


Act quickly in a rapidly changing environment.


We also associate implementation of targeted goals, checking the achievement of our objectives and adherence to deadlines.

Regional ties of each Branch Office

We act internationally as a group without neglecting the regional connection of each branch office. Regional ties give the company a “home“ and create identity. This establishes trust and creates bonds with customers and employees.

Modesty of the Shareholders / of the Management

In our company, corporate interests always take priority over shareholders’ interests. This finds expression in the shareholders’ obligation not to carry out any distributions until the end of 2012. Furthermore, administration and management shall always act efficiently and economically with flat hierarchies and feel committed to benefiting the company as a whole.

Openness and Communication

We operate in innovation-intensive markets and are always ready for new challenges. Openness at our company also includes open communication with each other.